Storyteller Beverage Company
Back in the roaring 20’s, when prohibition was in full swing, “bees’s knees” was an expression meaning “the best”, and with a sweet little blend of gin, soda, lemon, and honey, it is.
Bees Knees Can
Ontario crafted gin cocktail naturally flavoured with lemon and lightly sweetened with Ontario honey
Tasting Notes
Refreshing and Lightly Sweetened
Carbonated Water, Ontario Craft Gin, Ontario Honey, Natural Lemon Flavouring. No Preservatives
Nutritional (Est.)
12g of Sugar (entirely from honey), 140 calories
Where to Buy
Available at LCBO
Bee Sociable
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Support The Bees
Honey sourced locally in partnership with the Ontario Beekeepers’ Association (OBA)
Did you know?
  • There are up to 50,000 bees in a colony in the summer
  • Most bees are female
  • A bee will visit over 1500 flowers for one load of pollen
  • Each bee will fly about 800km in her 3 week lifetime
  • Bees are covered in tiny hairs, which help spread the pollen from the flower to help new flowers grow
  • Bees are 100 times more sensitive to the smell of flowers than humans
  • The foraging bees do a "Waggle dance" to tell bees in their hive exactly where flowers are
  • About a third of the world's food supply depends on pollinating insects like honeybees